A New Concept of Wound Healing - Moist Healing

December 9, 2022



In life, many people use "dry healing" to deal with wounds after falls. "Dry healing" refers to the use of self-healing, band-aids, disinfection and bandaging to treat wounds after injury. Although this treatment method is convenient, the healing environment is poor, and it is easy to scab and cause wound pain. When changing the dressing, it is also easy to damage the wound surface, and the healing speed is slow and prone to secondary infection.


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In 1962, Dr. Winter from the United Kingdom confirmed in animal (pig) experiments that in a moderately humid environment, the cell regeneration ability and migration speed are faster, and its recovery speed is more than twice as fast as that in a completely dry environment. Moist healing theory was first proposed .

Moist healing, that is, using wound dressings to keep the wound moist with an airtight or semi-airtight method, increase cell growth and migration speed, accelerate wound healing, and prevent scab formation.

Moist Healing Theory


1. Maintain the hypoxic state of the local microenvironment of the wound

Under the hypoxic state, the growth rate of fibroblasts is the fastest, and it stimulates macrophages to release growth factors, which accelerates the formation of blood vessels, thereby accelerating the formation of granulation.

1. It is conducive to the dissolution of necrotic tissue and fibrin.

During wet healing, the wound exudate contains histone-dissolving enzymes, which can promote the dissolution and absorption of these tissues.

1. Promote the release of various growth factors

Wound exudate contains various growth factors, which play a very important role in the wound healing process.

4. Facilitate cell proliferation, differentiation and migration

A humid environment can maintain the activity of cells and enzymes, which will help wound healing; at the same time, cells can migrate faster in a humid environment.

5 Keep the wound surface at a constant temperature

keeping the wound surface moist is conducive to cell mitosis, avoiding mechanical damage to the new granulation tissue; protecting the nerve endings of the wound surface.

Reduce the chance of infection

The wound infection rate of wet dressing: 2.6%;

Reduce the chance of infection

the (dry) infection rate under traditional wound treatment:7.1%


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What are the new dressings based on the "moist healing" theory?

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